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Junior Achievement Romania’s NEETs in Entrepreneurship trainings have started

» 12 young people aged 18-29 took part in the first NEETs in Entrepreneurship training course.
» By 2021, 400 young people will benefit from free personal development and entrepreneurship training and guidance.
» ​NEETs in Entrepreneurship is a transnational project that facilitates the employability of young people in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain.

Earlier this month, Junior Achievement (JA) Romania launched an entrepreneurial hub and kicked off the first series of courses for youth employment in the labor market. 12 young people from Bucharest and Ilfov took part in a one week personal development training session designed to increase their motivation and self-leardeship skills.
The activities were adapted from the FROG working method, developed by the Norwegian Lyk-z & døtre to give young people a better understanding of their own aspirations, resources, skills and values and train them to be the future professionals and entrepreneurs.
„When I started the course, I had mixed feelings. I thought I knew exactly what I was capable of, what my values were and I didn't feel it would be very helpful. With each exercise that we did, I became increasingly excited and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the program. I established connections with my trainers and peers and we got to know each other really well. I realized that I have all the qualities I need to succeed, no matter what my goals are, and I learned to never get discouraged. I recommend the program to all young people! They will rediscover themselves, exchange experiences and learn from each other.“ – Adrian Tudorache, 27 years old, from Bucharest
Besides this course, the project will also include several job shadowing, training, consulting and financing opportunities for starting a business aimed at young people aged ≤29 who do not have a job and do not attend any form of education or professional training (NEETs). By 2021, the project will reach 400 NEETs and 1,000 high school students enrolled in vocational and technical education schools.

The NEETs in Entrepreneurship project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment and it’s implemented by 6 Junior Achievement member organizations. By the end of the project, 1,600 NEETs in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain will receive training and acquire the skills needed to find a job or start their own business.  

About JA Romania
Junior Achievement (JA) Romania is a not-for-profit organization focused on implementing JA's entrepreneurial, economic, financial, career guidance, health, active life and life skills education international programs. JA's programs are delivered to 40 countries in Europe and 100+ countries around the world. JA Romania reaches more than 200,000 students in 1,700 Romanian public schools annually. The programs are developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education and with the financial support of the business community. In 2019, Junior Achievement celebrates its centennial.
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About EEA and Norway Grants
The EEA and Norway Grants represent the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.
There are two overall objectives: reduction of economic and social disparities in Europe, and strengthening of bilateral relations between the donor countries and 15 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics. The three donor countries cooperate closely with the EU through the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA). The donors have provided €3.3 billion through consecutive grant schemes between 1994 and 2014. A further €2.8 billion has been made available for the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 funding period.


The NEETs in Entrepreneurship project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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